ISO/IEC 19757 - DSDL

Document Schema Definition Languages

This is an ongoing project under ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 WG 1, developing and maintaining a multi-part International Standard.

The main objective of DSDL is to bring together different validation-related tasks and expressions to form a single extensible framework that allows technologies to work in series or in parallel to produce a single or a set of validation results. The extensibility of DSDL accommodates validation technologies not yet designed or specified.

Participation in the working group is principally by members of National Bodies. Voting in the sub-committee is done by country, not by company or individual. WG 1 participants meet face-to-face at international meetings, however the bulk of the work is done over the mail lists and by teleconference.

Mailing lists

There are two DSDL mailing lists:

Public documents

The following documents are available to the public:

Part Title Documents
1 Overview Working Draft
2 Regular-grammar-based validation - RELAX NG 2nd Edition ISO/IEC Standard (publicly available)
3 Rule-based validation - Schematron ISO/IEC Standard (publicly available)
4 Namespace-based validation dispatching language - NVDL ISO/IEC Standard (publicly available)
5 Extensible Datatypes Final Committee Draft (2008-12-17)
6 Path-based integrity constraints [cancelled]
7 Character Repertoire Description Language - CREPDL Final Committee Draft (2008-01-11)
8 Document Schema Renaming Language - DSRL Final Committee Draft (2007-07-16)
  All you need to know about DSRL in one A4 page
  DSRL tutorial
  Materials to accompany above tutorial (ZIP file)
9 Datatype- and Namespace-aware DTDs Final Committee Draft (2007-08-05)
10 Validation Management [cancelled]
11 Schema Association (see this W3C Note)

Contributed material

Eric van der Vlist of Dyomedea has graciously offered a copy of his XML Europe 2002 Schema Tutorial that utilizes terminology being adopted in DSDL.

Supplemental reading material

The following documents pertain to interesting and/or related technologies that could be useful background and may or may not end up being related to DSDL. Please post any suggestions you have for recommended reading materials and the URLs will be added here.

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